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Lil Red's Live Journal

18th August, 2007. 10:48 pm. Now I'm insane too!

I've started an InsaneJournal as lilred26x. I just can't stand the thought of losing all of the friends I follow. I've also done a mass friending on both InsaneJournal and GreatestJournal following various people's instructions. It really was quite easy. Overall, I have to say that InsaneJournal seems easier to use. I think that will be the one I fall back on if LJ completely falls apart. Other than that, I think I'll stay with LiveJournal.

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30th June, 2007. 1:06 pm. States visited meme

I snagged this from herself_nyc. I've been to all of the states east of the Mississippi (although some of these were simply drive thrus), but I'm sadly lacking in the West. The hubby and I are going to have to take the Westy out there.

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1st June, 2007. 1:02 pm. I guess I just don't post much

It's been over a year since I've posted anything in this journal, so I figured I'd probably ought to put something in. I read my friend's list almost every day, but I just never get the urge to write anything myself. Oh well, I guess I just don't like to write about myself. I do, however, really enjoy reading fic and other people's entries. Until the next time I post....

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23rd June, 2006. 5:02 pm. Everyone else is doing it....

So, I am too. (Sorry Mom, guess maybe I would jump off that bridge.) I've started a greatest journal account just so that I can keep up with all of the wonderful authors out there who have created accounts over there as well. Same user name as here. Guess no one else wants to be associated with a 26x on the end of their user name. :) It didn't occur to me until after I created this name that people might think it would refer to me clothing size. Thankfully, it does not. My husband and I own a MacGregor 26x sailboat, so when I tried to create the lilred user name and found out it was taken, I decided to throw 26x on the end of it after trying a few other numbers and finding out they were taken. It made sense at the time! Guess I'm just not that creative. When I was a kid, my friends and siblings named all of our pets. It's probably a good thing I don't have any kids, huh!

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30th April, 2006. 3:54 pm. Back Home and Loving It!

We've been back home for a few weeks now, and it's really nice to be here. The spring weather has been wonderful. I'm able to enjoy my new wireless internet by surfing on my laptop while sitting on the front porch. The really helps with some of my guilt issues of being inside on the computer when I should be out enjoying the day.

My spring flowers are up and blooming. Soon the lawn will have to be mowed. Isn't spring grand! :)

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24th January, 2006. 8:38 pm. We're getting ready to go south!

We're finishing up our preparations to head south for a couple of months. Can't wait! It'll be really nice to get to some warmer weather. We'll be going to Florida first, then probably Texas, and after that either Mexico or further west.

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22nd November, 2005. 10:46 pm. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here's a wish for everyone to have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm heading out tomorrow to drive back home (about a 3 hr trip) for Thanksgiving with my family. I've made zucchini bread and have store bought rolls that I'm bringing along. Yup, I'm a very lucky girl as I have a Mom who's doing the turkey and fixings as well as a grandmother and aunts who cook up the desserts. I can't wait!

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2nd November, 2005. 10:56 am. I think I drank a little too much last night!

My husband had to work last night, so I had no reason to go to bed in a timely manner. Therefore, I read lots of new stories from my friends' list and drank one too many glasses of wine. This morning I have a little headache and a fuzzy head. Oh well, that's what will remind me not to drink that last glass next time, right? :)

I'm really enjoying all of the time off I've got right now. I've been feeding the birds (three feeders, suet, thistle, and sunflower seed), and right now I can see three different types of birds outside my window - a downy woodpecker, a chickadee, and a cardinal. I love that I can just sit at the computer and look outside and see them. I think I'm an official bird nerd!

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26th September, 2005. 11:30 am. Flickers everywhere!

So yesterday I looked out my window in the morning and noticed a bird hopping around and pecking on the lawn. I got the binoculars out and it was a Common Flicker. This is a bird that is in the woodpecker family but tends to forage for food on the ground rather than in trees. This was kind of neat as I had only ever seen one other at the house before. Then I got looking around the lawn and noticed five more. Okay, must admit, this made the bird nerd in me very excited. But the best is yet to come. Later in the afternoon, I walked out my front door and, honest to goodness, at least a dozen and very likely a dozen and a half flickers flew up out of my lawn. I couldn't believe it! I don't know if they commonly group up like that or not. Maybe they were just passing thru as they migrated south as I haven't seen any today. Either way, it was a neat thing to see.

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23rd September, 2005. 9:35 am. I can see that I'm probably not going to be a regular updater!

I just can't seem to get the knack of updating this journal on a regular basis. I never could update a written diary for long either as a kid, so I guess I haven't changed much.

I just finished up my project for the company that hired me in June, so I have some time off again which is nice as I'm way behind on everything! The house is a wreck and desperately needs a going through. The mail needs to be sorted through and filed appropriately (either in the filing cabinet or the recycle). I'm way behind on reading my friend's journals which is why I started this journal in the first place - to comment on other people's entries. And I'm way behind on doing fun stuff! Today is already starting out to be a good day at getting things back on track! I've got a load of wash going, dishes in progress, the bed stripped and ready for new sheets, and I'm ready to drink my tea and check my friend's journal. Tomorrow will be a day for fun stuff as I'm going to hit a bunch of lawn sales with a friend as my town is having their annual town wide lawn sale. Always a fun time!

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